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Monday, April 11, 2016

Sun in the 503

Hello hello!

We had a great week here in Dallas. The weather is so nice, we are loving it!

This week I had my last Mission Leadership Council. It was pretty sad, I will miss those meetings a lot. At the end of every MLC any missionaries that are departing home in the next month give a "dying testimony".  I am so grateful that I have been able to share my testimony every single day.

Sister Samuelian gave a training on gratitude.  I loved it so much.  Sometimes we need to sit back and look at all the tender mercies the Lord has blessed us with.  I'm grateful for the good and the bad that we go through. They all seem to help us grow.  I have been especially grateful this past week for the experience I had about 2 years ago when I went to the temple to ask if I should serve a mission. That day at the temple changed my whole life. I can't imagine if I didn't come on a mission. I have learned countless lessons and received hundreds of blessing from just one small decision.  "Decisions determine our destiny!"

Amiah is a 16 year old girl that has gone through some tough things in her life. She is living at the Bishops home. We were able to have our second lesson with her this past week.  We taught her the Restoration and she really liked it.  The Bishop’s wife told us on Sunday that Amiah randomly came up to her and told her how much she enjoyed the lesson we taught her.  We are excited to keep working with her.

We were able to have another lesson with the Kiner family.  They are great!  I swear like half the ward knows them. Tons of members have been asking if we will teach them in their home.  It’s so great to see all the support that the members are offering.  They had a lot of questions about the priesthood so teaching them the Restoration was perfect.  We invited them to be baptized April 30th.  They are praying about this date as a family.  They have all committed to be baptized once they know the message is true.  It’s just a matter of time.

We had the opportunity to teach the Young Women on Sunday about serving a mission.  They were awesome!  We gave them each a member missionary paper. (I will attach a picture of one)  It basically is just to help them share the gospel and to follow through.  It gives them steps that they can choose how they want to share the gospel with their family.  There were six girls and they each came up with names that they want to share the gospel with.

How are all of you doing on the 50 day challenge?  I recommit you to be working on giving out a Book of Mormon and inviting someone to church :) I promise the spirit will tell you exactly what to say. D&C 100:4-8

It seriously is so great serving with Sister Tedrow.  She is such a great sister. We are bff’s. I love every second that I have in Dallas. The Oregon Salem mission is literally the best mission on earth.

Love you all have a great week!

Sister Gifford

The Hermanas from MLC (I still consider myself an Hermana)

Last MLC

The member missionary paper that we have been giving out to all the members

I love this quote from Elder Scott!

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