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Sunday, April 17, 2016

April Fools

Hello everyone!

We had a great week! Lots of crazy stuff going on.

I will start off and tell you about my blonde moments...So April 1st we wake up extra early so that we can go for a nice run.  Well when you wake up extra early some times your brain isn't working...When we got back from our run….Our door was locked and we had no key.  Luckily we took our phone with us. There was no spare key outside and our land lord was out of town, and is for the next three weeks. There are no windows you can crawl through so we were like oh boy...what do we do???  We tried opening it with nails, screws, twigs….(yes just imagine two losers trying to pick a lock haha)  Well we called the Elders and of course they were determined they would be able to open it.  After about an hour they were able to open our door with a credit card.  We learned our lesson to run with our apartment key haha.

Well the next day, we were on exchanges and there was another sister with me here in Dallas.  We were going to see a potential and there was nowhere to park so I just decided to park in a biking lane.  I thought ehhhhh…. we will only be a second it will be fine.  So we go to talk to the potential investigator but on the way we meet this less active family.  We talked to them for about 40 minutes when a cop pulls around and says, "Do you ladies happen to have a Toyota corolla parked in the middle of the road?"   He asked us to follow him and low and behold there were cop cars parked all around our car with their sirens going.  Oh man!  Well, I told him I was new to Dallas and he said, "Did you just turn 16?"     uhh...hahah anyway he let me off with a warning thank heavens!  So always remember that Heavenly Father likes April Fools day too :)

Well the most exciting thing about this week is the Kiner family. They are a family that have many many members involved in their lives and finally have decided that want to hear what it’s all about.  Brother Kiner had a list of about 12 questions he has always wondered that no one has been able to answer. Thank the heavens for the Plan of Salvation because they all came from there. We will only be able to meet with them once a week but his question was, "So now that I feel I have found the truth, what am I going to do with it?"   We are super excited to work with them!

We were able to have a few lessons with investigators that the Elders were working with.  Unfortunately over half of the teaching pool are people that probably won't be held accountable for decisions they make in life.  We continue finding and we are striving to get as many referrals as possible from members.

I am so grateful for the opportunity that we had to watch General Conference. We had an investigator named Lora come with us.  She really enjoyed it. Watching conference on the mission is like Christmas morning!  I am so grateful for our prophet.  I know that if we follow the council of the prophets and apostles we will never go astray.

What are you all going to change after watching this conference?  I learned that I am going to work a lot more on humility.  

Well family I sure love you and hope you have a wonderful week!

Love always,

Sister Gifford

Diversity will not separate us....

It started hailing super hard so I thought I'd take a picture

We tried to do a cute mother/daughter picture but she's too tall haha

The sisters in the Monmouth zone ❤️

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