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Monday, January 25, 2016

Sunny Oregon

Hello my faithful fans.

How goes it?

It has been a great week here in Oregon. And...The sun is out!  It is so nice to see the sun.  I missed that guy.

I feel like the last few weeks I have had big news of some sort but his week was a good, but pretty normal week.  We had a great lesson with Yoselin this week. We have invited her to pray specifically and she is now feeling that is receiving more specific answers.  We had to change her date to the middle of February but she is focusing this week to ask for Sundays off at work so that she can come to church more often.  

Chayo and her family have officially moved. Their records have all been moved so the missionaries can visit them there :)

We had 3 investigators at church. It was funny though because it was 3 people we haven't been focusing a lot on.  Guess that was an answer to prayers that we need to start focusing on them more!  We also had a quite a bit of less active members come so that was great.  Hermana Cinta that hasn't come to church in a few years came!  Lots of miracles.

Wednesday we had our Worldwide training.  It was so cool to think all the missionaries in the world were doing the same thing at that time.  The focus was to teach repentance and baptize converts.  A lot of times as missionaries we are so focused on baptisms but it is so important that we really help the person become truly converted to the gospel.

Elder Bednar gave a training on the role of the Holy Ghost.  I am so grateful for how much we have to be in tune with the Holy Ghost as normal members but especially as missionaries.  I am so grateful for the promptings that I receive every day.  Whether it is to talk to someone, testify of something, or change certain plans, the Holy Ghost helps this work keep moving!

We went on two exchanges this week. Both of them I was with sisters that will return home in a week.  One sister is not so focused on the work and is ready to go home and the other is more diligent than ever and was totally focusing on the work.  It really helped me understand how important it is that we endure to the end.  Doesn't matter if it’s the real world or the mission we can't just sit back and relax.  Something I heard at the beginning of my mission is if you can't endure to the end on a mission how are you going to endure to the real end?  That has really stuck with me to work harder every day.

We have transfer calls coming up this Saturday. I have been in McMinnville for 5 months.  I really have no idea what’s going to happen.  I would love to stay here but who knows.

Well my family, how well do you feel like you follow the promptings of the Spirit? When you get a prompting to testify of the Church do you do it?  Do you follow that prompting that tells you to help someone out?  I invite you to do it!  Listen to whatever prompting you may receive.  And if you don't know if it’s a prompting or yourself, do it anyway!  If it is something to help someone come closer to Christ, the Lord will bless you for following that prompting.

I love you all so so much.  Have a great week!

Hermana Gifford

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