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Monday, January 4, 2016

White January?

Hello from chilly Oregon!

How are all you folks doing? Happy Birthday to my big ole brother Danny. You're old!

Well guess what?  It snowed!  It snowed only about half an inch but everyone reacted like it was an earth quake.  They almost canceled church but decided not to.  We had about 15 people show up to church because people were terrified to drive in it.  hehe.  But, I am super impressed because Rose was one of those few people that came!  I'll be honest, I haven't missed the snow too much.  Because Oregon doesn't typically get snow our cars were grounded.  So, we got to walk the day in the snow.  It was pretty dang cold but it made me really feel like a missionary.  I never realized how blessed we are to have vehicles!

Great news!  Yoselin is on date to be baptized January 23rd!  She feels that she still doesn't know if this is what she needs to do.  But she is planning to get baptized the 23rd and is having the faith that her answer will come by that date.  We are hoping to have an FHE at a members house with her tonight.

We are kind of in a pickle with Carlos.  They still haven't decided when they are moving but we were thinking of trying to help him continue progressing and then he could have the missionaries see him in California.  We taught them tithing on Tuesday and he seemed to not really enjoy it.  We are going to go over it again and help him understand all the blessings of keeping the commandments.

Sad news.  Ana decided to not come back to McMinville for this semester so we won't be able to teach her anymore :(   But we are going to have the Hermanas in Salem teach her and help her progress toward baptism.

We had a great exchange this week.  We did exchanges with Hermana Wilde and her new companion.  I was with her new companion, Sister Coca.  I learned the importance of always testifying of the Restoration.  Our message is unique and everyone needs to hear about it!

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Thank you for all your support and love!  I want to hear about some of your New Years resolutions!  I am not eating candy or sweets until May.  And reading the New Testament along with the BOM :)

The Church is still true (always will be) and the book is blue :)


Hermana Gifford

Hermana Gifford and Estudillo

Snow in Oregon!

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