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Monday, March 21, 2016

Goodbye Spanish, Hello English

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful week.  Guess what?  It was sunny for 3 days in a row!  Everyone was out side because it was so nice!

Well this email is going to be pretty short because I have some packing to do...I will be getting transferred my last 6 weeks of the mission!  I will be going to an English area.  What??  I will be pink washing (so my companion and I will be starting from the bottom).  I will be training a new missionary and I will be serving as a solo STL (so instead of having an STL companion I will be over a few companionships myself).  I am super sad to be leaving Spanish work but I am so grateful for this new opportunity that I have!

I was praying that Heavenly Father would give me a way to stay focused my last transfer of the mission.  When President Samuelian called and told me what was going on I was like...hey too far Heavenly Father ;) haha.   I am definitely overwhelmed but excited for this change!  At the end of the conversation President said, "Buckle up Sister Gifford, this is going to be a crazy 6 weeks".   I still don't know where I am going but what President has told me is that this ward is one of the most missionary minded wards in the whole mission!  There have been elders there for the last few months and they have lost trust from the members so we will work on gaining it back!

We had a good week here, nothing too big that I need to mention.  So, P-day for the past 7 months we have gone to the same store to by our groceries.  We always go to a lady named Linda.  She is such a nice lady and we have had lots of fun talking to her.  Today I told her that I was leaving and her face got all sad.  She asked me to give her a hug and she started crying.  She thanked me for brightening up her Monday every week.  My testimony grew of how we really have no idea who we are impacting.  I just always tried to make her laugh and I guess it made a difference.  I know the same goes for all of us. There are people out there that we can make a big impact in their lives just by the small and simple things.

Well I better get packing, I love you all!


Hermana Gifford (I guess that’s the last week I can say that :( )

La familia Vera

Hermana Gabby Gomez

Good-bye McMinnville

Graci-she is a less active member visiting from Brazil for a few
months so we have been teaching her!

Hermana Bautista

Hermana Gomez and Amy

Hermana Maggie Britton

Jessica-she is an awesome member that always came out to lessons with us.

La Familia Arroyo- Hermano Arroyo was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. They are such a strong family!

La familia Ceballos Bustos-the family that was just recently sealed!

La Familia Larrea- They are so special to me, they are the family that dad met in Peru!

La Familia Soto

Martha Videl and her mom

La Familia Aguiar- President Aguiar is in the mission presidency and our branch. Lucky us!

Rafa- a less active member that made us some cool graffiti stuff!

The Vera family always called me Sister for a going away
present they gave me the big red dog ❤️



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