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Monday, August 17, 2015

Goodbye Salem

Hello everyone!

Sounds like all is going well.  It was a great last week here in Salem.  Big news is that I really am getting transferred!  The even bigger news is that my companion is as well.  Two elders will be coming in and taking over the area. It's been a little stressful to think about all that is going to happen to the investigators but the Lord knows that this area now needs two elders.

The most progressing investigator this week is Alfonso! We were able to have a lesson with him at the church and he came to church on Sunday.  He is so awesome!  He is about 75 years old and reminds me a lot of Grandpa Gifford :) The biggest bummer is that one of his "doubts" is why missionaries get switched around so much.  And the week after he said that Hermana Bunderson and I are both leaving the area.  He said he wants to get baptized once his questions are answered. I think he will get baptized in the next month.

We got to see Marcela a few times this week. She is still praying about baptism. She really has real intent.

Lissandra has a baptismal date for September 13th. We taught her about baptism and the kingdoms of glory.  She is so funny and has the wildest imagination.  Bummer that I won't be here for her baptism but I am glad that she is taking the step!

Socorro came home for 6 hours on Wednesday night.  We got to hurry and go over and say goodbye before she left to Canada to fight more fires.  Last night when we went to say goodbye to Nazario and Oscar, Nazario had just gotten off the phone with Socorro.  He told her that Hermana Bunderson and I are both leaving the area (We were expecting just me).  She said that she doesn't want to start all over again with new elders.  We tried to explain that it’s the same message just two different people. I hope she will have an open heart to meet with the elders.

I had no idea how hard it would be saying goodbye to members.  I have truly come to love ward so much here.  The members have done so much for us. I will forever be grateful for them.  I am looking forward to going to a new area. I am not really sure what to expect since I have been in the same ward for 8 months but I am excited to meet new people and have a change!  I love being a missionary so much.  I am grateful for all the awesome experiences that we have everyday. What makes it so special is all the amazing people.  We shall see who my new companion is and my new area tomorrow.  

Have a safe week, I love you all!

Con amor,

Hermana Gifford

Ps.  I took most of the pictures on my camera and a few on my iPad. I have my iPad but forgot my camera.  I will send more pictures next week!

Saying bye to Socorro

Don't want to say bye to my "baby"

La familia Bartshe

Lissandra and Hermana Avalos

Saying bye to Oscar, Socorro, and Nazario

Zarahemla Zone

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