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Monday, June 1, 2015

First week with the Baby!

Hi everyone!

What a week. Well first things first!  My new baby.  My companion's name is Hermana Bunderson. She is from Vernal UT. This week I spent half the week in Woodburn with another sister that is training so it was kind of all over the place.

When we had our training meeting President talked about how big of an impact trainers have on there trainees.  He told us all to strive to be trainers as if it were the Savior.  I got so scared!  The first night Hermana Bunderson and I were together I didn't fall asleep the whole night. The whole night my mind was racing of how I could best help her. I assume this is what parents do when they literally have a child haha.

We had some super awesome experiences talking to everyone. It's a  little different now because I am used to talking like equal time, but it is awesome because it is helping my Spanish grow so much! We went to go see a referral from a member and when we got to the referrals apartment the member happened to be there!  So we got to teach her with one of her family members right there. It was awesome.

We read Alma 24 with Nazario and Socorro this week about overcoming fears. Our invitation for Socorro was to think more about baptism. I know that sounds ridiculous but last time we invited her to be baptized she said no because she hadn't thought about it haha.  She came to church and to an investigators baptism.  In the closing prayer of the baptism Bishop prayed that she would have an open heart to baptism. She said she liked the baptism but nothing too special. I love her to death but sometimes I think I may shake her haha.

We weren't able to see Maria this week because of conflicting schedules but we have an appointment with her tomorrow.  We have some inspired questions that we feel can really help her progress. We are starting to do area book stuff on the iPad's so we have been transferring ALL teaching records to the iPad.  It takes a lottttt of time but it will be super helpful when we have them all in.

Well I don't have much for you this week but I love this gospel and I love preaching to the Hispanic people everyday! And I love you all!
Have a great week! And happy birthday to Savannah on Sunday!

Hermana Gifford
Hermana Gifford and Aubrey

This is all the hermanas before we got the new hermanas. 5 of them (4
natives ) finished there missions this week. So we only have 1 native
Hermana now

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