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Monday, March 30, 2015


Hello hello!

It is a beautiful spring day in Oregon. I hope that you have been enjoying the spring time in Utah...if its warm?

To start of with good news! Oscar came to church and is still on date!  We taught him the word of wisdom this last week.  Luckily not too many 11 year olds have problems with the word of wisdom.  We asked him if he had any concerns and he said, “Well I am a little scared for this Sunday.”   We asked him why.  He thought that last Sunday was April 12th. Haha.  I guess that 11 years olds don't check their calendars too often.  But then we pulled out a calendar and showed him he still had a couple weeks to learn.   He was all excited again!

This week we got a text from Maria Cruz telling us thank you for your time but I am going to stay with our beliefs.  A big bummer because last week she told us that she felt the Book of Mormon is true.  We have been praying to know if it just isn't her time. It's all about the Lord's timing :)

We had a lesson with Maria Ortega last Monday.  It was pretty good but she is still a bit confused.  We were explaining the great apostasy and then she asked us "so you are the apostasy?"   She thought since we didn't have the priesthood that meant we were the apostasy.  Since the priesthood still isn't very clear she doesn't see the point of being baptized again.  She canceled our lesson on Friday so we hope we will see her in the next couple of days.

These next couple of weeks we will be doing lots of finding. We dropped a few other people this week.  I haven't written much about them because they were never progressing much.  So basically our only progressing investigator right now is Oscar.  Please pray that Oscar will be able to feel support from Heavenly Father to be baptized and that we can find prepared people!  We are going to be talking to a lot of new people and I am excited to see who the Lord has prepared to hear His gospel!

We got to go the tulip festival today!  I am pretty sure it’s famous?  Not really sure, just got the news that we were going haha.  But it is over 40 acres of tulips. Super beautiful!

Wasn't Women’s Conference AMAZING?  Socorro came to that and we really hope she felt the amazing spirit.  All about families.  Isn't crazy how the world now days thinks families aren't important? The Savior taught His gospel centered to families.  I am so grateful to know that I can be with all of you forever and that I will be able to have my own family one day for eternity.
I am SO excited for conference!  I invite you to take notes and pray that you can receive answers to prayers and feel of the Spirit as you’re watching conference. We are so blessed to get to hear from the prophet and apostles! I love you all so much!

He has risen and He lives!


Hermana Gifford

Hermana Meise and Hermana Gifford

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