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Monday, December 29, 2014


Hiii mommy!!

I was soo happy to get to talk to you! It was so fun to see everyone's faces, besides Lizzy's and Tytons :(

Looks and sounds like everyone had a great Christmas! Christmas was a million times better than I expected it to be! I expected to be depressed all day haha but we had enough stuff to do that made it a good day!

Happy Birthday to Danny on Sunday! Don't know how old you are..and don't care..haha jk. All the pictures of the family look great! Classic nativity scene..haha.

So, mother I will try to answer the questions that you asked! We don't knock doors too much, basically we want to find all our investigators through members but that doesn't work as well as planned.  We have a lot of referrals from other missionaries and so that is usually how we find our fabulous Latinos! Yes, Maria speaks Spanish; in fact she speaks no English. Hahah. I don't know if people just play dumb but a lot of the Hispanics say they speak absolutely no English.  It’s good for me because the more I get to learn!

Usually, if we teach a family we talk to the parents in Spanish and the kids in English.  Since we are white, the kids only talk to us in English (for the most part).  We always ask people how we can help them when we leave but they usually say nothing. We go to a food bank every Tuesday for a few hours and do service there. I don't know if that is a world wide missionary rule or just our mission.

I know you're the best nurse in the world momma!  All those kids are loving to have such a rock star nurse!  There are a lot of polygamists in Primary children's...Looks like you should start preaching ;)

Well not too much has happened since I got to talk to you just a few days ago but we had a family come with us to church!  Yay, the first investigators to come to church since I've been out!  The dad kept telling us that he wouldn't be able to wake up on time so we said okay, we will come and wake you up haha.  So, we went over there at 10 to make sure everyone was awake and starting to get ready, and then they came! Pray for Javier and Adrianna, I think that they have a lot of potential.

Our sacrament meeting has started at 11 and about 3/4's of the people get there at 11:30.  Starting the New Year our ward will start at 9.  We're hoping for the best! hahah..  Overall it was a great week and I know that I am blessed to get to be serving the Lord!

Have a fabulous week.   I love you!

Hermana Gifford

Hermana Meise's mom sent this to me.  Super cute!!!

Our apartment parking lots floods every time it like every day!  Epic picture!  haha!

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