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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Last P-day in the MTC

Hello my wonderful mama!

How was your week?  Lots of work?  Did you get to spend some quality time with all of the Nielson’s?  Sounds like Thanksgiving was a blast!  I can´t believe that dad is taking Andrew to Hawaii those turkeys.   Anything new?  Did you get new couches in the family room? It looks like it!  Is that in the budget ;)

Okay some business! Will you please make sure that there is at least 50 dollars on my card? I am going to have to pay for another bag and we don’t get reimbursed until we get to the mission home and I only have $40 in cash.  And also I heard that the bank needs to know that I will be in Mexico and then Oregon, or else it will get declined?  I don’t know if that is right but I just want to make sure that it is all okay so that I can leave the country :)  And also I may want to send a package when I get to Oregon so you can try my Bueno Bars that we have here, but I am not sure how much it costs to send packages.

We started packing today so that is going to be pretty interesting trying to pack all by myself...I need my mommy’s help haha :)  We have to be outside of our building Monday night/Tuesday morning at 2 head to the airport, even though our flight isn’t until 6:45...they just want to make sure we don´t miss our flight haha!  I am so excited to be in Oregon!  It’s crazy, I’ve been looking at the weather that its like 39 degrees where as it’s 70 degrees everyday here.  It’s going to be pretty chilly!  

I am SO excited to eat real American food!  Ahhh I think I have lost about 10 pounds but I will gain it all back at the airport haha.  Mom, thank you very much for the dear elder!  I got it this last week, that was very nice of you :)  So I think I have that white t-shirt that has little flowers around the neck that’s just a simple shirt?   Could you send me that and if I have any other plain colored shirts like that please?  Turns out that I for the most part wear a lot nicer shirts than everyone!  If you can’t send it right away that’s fine because I probably want to wear them a lot until the summer.

So my companion’s cousin was serving in our mission and she said that the sisters don’t ride bikes.  If you ever come across a navy pencil skirt that would be great!  All of my skirts are super flowy and I wish I would have brought a pencil skirt!  But its not a necessity so if you don’t find one then that’s okay!

One last matter of business haha, mom am I going to be able to Skype you on Christmas?? I know you work but I hope there is some way that I will get to talk to you!

Today was a good week! Nothing too special.  I got sick after Thanksgiving, darn it haha.  I guess it’s good that I just stick to the salads!  Saturday we got to go to TRC again.  We taught a 16-year-old girl named Jessica that lives just a block from the CCM.  She was baptized four years ago with her family. We talked about things going on in her life and she told us that her dad has stopped going to church and drinking so her mom has kicked him out of the house. There have been a lot of problems going in the family and she told us that she prays every night that her dad will change. She had such an amazing spirit, she wants to serve a mission one day and it was so clear that she cares so much about her family. We taught her the first lesson and how our biggest goal in life is to return with our families. We gave her some specific scriptures to read and pray about. The spirit was so strong.  I loved the experience getting to talk to someone that had real problems. Pray for Jessica’s dad that his heart will be softened.

Saturday night our teacher Hermano Hernandez was leaving for the night and we told him that he needed to ask a girl out on a date. He was all hesitant and then ended up sharing a super cool story with us. He was dating a girl and decided it was time to propose to her. He bought the ring and was on his way to propose.  On the way to propose he had a very strong prompting that he needed to go the temple and do a session.  He tried to ignore it because he wanted to go propose but it kept coming.  So he went and did a session.  When he was in the temple he had a specific prompting tell him that the girl he was about to propose to was not his wife.  He was devastated because he thought he was going to marry her.  He went and told the girl and she was really upset of course.  A few months later that girl married someone else and over the last few month she has become anti-Mormon and drinks and parties all the time.  I am grateful for the spirit and the promptings we can receive!

Sunday we watched a devotional of Elder Holland. He told us that we need to come home with at least one convert and that should be us.  Be converted isn’t just a one step thing. We should always be converting ourselves coming closer to Christ.

Tuesday we had our last Tuesday night devotional. It was from Elder Reyes of the seventy.  He talked to us about dignity and that with our companions we should be one in heart and one in mind.  Hermana Phelps and I have been working really well together.  I got asked to lead the music in the devotional...Every person is at this devotional....and I have never led music in my life...but I said yes...haha I practiced a ton so I didn’t look like a total fool! Well we were singing “Called to Serve” and I was leading just looking out with crowd...and I made eye contact with an Hermana in my district and she was laughing her head off at me...and then it made me smile...and messed me off and I was leading totally off...and I am pretty sure that I never got back on haha. but now I know how to somewhat lead some music!

Yesterday we have to go the reception center to pick a thing of our itinerary but we needed our passports.  Hermana Phelps could not find her passport anywhere.  We ended up missing some classes and looked through all her things over and over for about two hours.  We went and talked to some people in charge of that area and told her she was going to need to go to the embassy and she wouldn’t be able to leave for a few weeks.  We said a prayer and then looked again…and nothing.  So we went back and they wrote down all her information to set up an appointment at the embassy.  They told us to go back and look one more time.  When we got back to our casa we said another prayer. We started looking through our closet and there was her passport right on her dresser that we had searched multiple times! Our prayers were answered!

I heard that we email again on Monday to tell you our exact flight schedule? And then someone said that we getting calling cards at the airport?  And then we email once we get to Oregon?  Who knows if any of that is right but we will see!  I am so grateful for the experiences I have had in the CCM!  The spirit is so amazing and I feel very blessed that I get to feel it multiple times a day!
A scripture that I like from one of our devotionals is 1 Nephi 13:37, lets all endure to the end :)
Lots of Love!

Hermana Gifford

We had to take pictures with all the people that arrived Oct. 29th....had to put the glasses on to look smart.

Hermana West and I

Our district has gotten supper close.  We decided we're a family....the Donde family!  hahaha!

​Here are some of the cooks...Alejandra and Rey David (king david) they have noticed that all I ever eat is salads so sometimes they sneak me ice cream :) 
The lovely lady in the middle is a teacher here.She is hilarious and always talks to me about fashion haha :) 
Thanks for the letter Mommy :)

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