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Monday, December 15, 2014

I Am In Oregon!

Holy Canole!

Hello Momma!! That’s crazy that you had to speak in church! My companions are totally fluent...and then there’s me...haha.  I try to say at least a couple things every lesson but being in Oregon has made me realize that I actually don't know any Spanish haha.

Now was that great or what to get to hear your voice! When my mission president goes, well should we call your mom I got so happy! haha i didn't say much on the phone because I started crying...Hahah you were giggling at everything he was saying you little cutie!

So the flight here was a little rough.  I was feeling super sick...and they didn't have barf bags...and we were going through terrible turbulence.  Like I didn't know it was possible to fly when it was so bad we were bouncing everywhere! Soooo...The seat next to me was the toilet.  Yes I got to throw up in the seat next to me the whole flight.  So nasty!  But I will probably never see those people again…so yolo.

Thank you for the packages mom!!  I was so happy that I had a pillow to sleep with!  And I almost opened my Christmas package...but then I pulled myself together. haha  So I will see what that is on Christmas!  

One of the mission rules here is to take a strength test! So I got to take that today.  My top two strengths are competition and woo...who would've guessed hahah.

My companions are awesome! They are also the Sister trainer leaders of the zone so they are the best of the best!  Hermana Meise is from Philadelphia (blonde) and Hermana Cardon is from Orem! They are super genuine girls! They are also super quiet so we haven't had lots of joking.  But when I can get them to laugh it makes my day haha!  They have already helped me a lot being here!

Oh momma, can you send me the recipe for Swedish pancakes please? :) If anyone wants to send me a letter like you said Sarah or Kenzie just send it to the mission office!  Then they forward it to our apartment! I don't think that I am allowed to send out the apartment address.

We get fed by members almost every night!  It’s super awesome but these wonderful Latinos fry all their food.  I am going to be so fat.  Some of the girls here have gained 20 to 30 pounds...but my companions have been here for 10 and 15 months so they're trying to lose it all so they like to wake up at 6 to get extra exercise. Its tricky waking up those extra 30 minutes but I will get used to it!

Yesterday someone let us in!  This last week no one let us in their house until yesterday. One of my companions felt prompted to go tracking in a certain area and we met a lady named Laura.  She is going through some problems and she is super interested in hearing about the church, so I hope things keeping going well! It was super cool to see how an actual lesson works!

Quick story, the first night I went out with two sisters (that aren't my trainers). We went to a couple houses and then they said, “Okay Hermana Gifford, you are in charge of this one”.  A man opened the door and starts yelling.  Like bad, saying he hated Mormons and that he never wants to see us again.  Then he comes up to me and yells, “So what you're one of them”? “What a Jehovah Witness too?”  And I said courageously as possible said,  “Actually no, we are missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints”.   And then......they all started was a joke!!  He was a member and just messing with me.  I wanted to start crying.  I was like holy cow my first night and I get yelled at??  But it was a joke.  And I guess it helped me learned what to say when that really happens!

Oh and my area is North Salem! We are in a Spanish area that covers a huge area...There are 11 missionaries in the ward! Pretty crazy. A LOT of work that needs to be done!

I love you mom! Have a great week! Oh by the way we have a Christmas party next week so it’s possible that I don’t have p-day on Monday so you might not get an email from me til later in the week!

Hermana Gifford
There was a fire our last night in Mexico!
This was Hermana Webber for the MTC.  She was supposed to be our teacher but got moved so she was our teacher for only a week.
​The rock- This is our "moto" the scripture is D&C 6:34. we got to have a experience at the ocean

Another rock Picture

This is in the atrium in the temple.  Don't worry, pictures are allowed :)

Thanks for the decorations, mommy  :0 

​This is Hermana Meise and a family that is a potential investigator. I took the picture because it was Hermanas birthday and the moms birthday so they had us over for cake

This is our companion Christmas card lol

This is our zone

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