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Monday, May 2, 2016

Good-bye Oregon Salem Mission

Wow!  Well emotions are all over the place right now.  I will save this weeks e-mail for in-person but I will let you in on just a couple things.  

We were able to have a lesson with the Kiner family.  They are praying about being baptized May 28th.  I learned this week about the importance of offering service.  Great things come from it! 

My heart ached yesterday, as it was my last Sunday as a full time representative of Jesus Christ.  Sunday's have been some of the greatest and also hardest days the past year and a half.  I was able to bear my testimony one last time to the ward members.  I felt like someone reached in my chest and ripped out my heart as I was up there.  I feel gipped only getting to serve in Dallas for 6 weeks. Haha.  But I am so grateful that I even got the chance to serve here.

I will forever be grateful for my mission.  I have learned so many things about myself and others.  This is the Lord's work!  Our Savior is SO real and he can heal us of anything.  I just want to bear my testimony a million times on this email but I know I will get to do that a lot in person over the next few weeks but know that I know that this is the Savior's church and He leads and guides it through our living prophet Thomas S. Monson.

Tomorrow I will be spending part of the day in Portland, going to the temple one final time with the departing missionaries and then spending the rest of the day in Newberg with President and Sister Samuelian. The Oregon Salem Mission is the best place on earth!  I will you see you all in 2 days.


Hermana Gifford
Lora Parker-she wanted to hold roses in our picture haha

Sister Darci Kugler

Sister Judy McApline-she is our mission grandma :)

The Dallas district.

The one and only Kiner Family!!

The Sayer Family

World's best cup of hot cocoa!

The Johnson family-they aren't in our Ward but a neighboring Dallas Ward. They are great member missionaries.

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