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Monday, February 15, 2016


Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic week! It was such a great week here! I am grateful for all the great things that happened this week.

I will start off with my favorite miracle of the week! (maybe I shouldn't choose favorite miracles) But Monday morning last week we woke up extra early so I could work out good and then we had zone pday and we ran a lot there.   So Tuesday morning I wanted to go running again so we set the alarm extra early.  When the alarm went off I was literally dead.  I wanted to go back to sleep so bad and wake up at the normal time of 6:30. I haven't received too many promptings early in the morning before but when the alarm went off I really felt like we needed to go to the track.  So, we got up and as we were about to start running I heard someone say “Hey!”.   I turned around and guess who it was?? Ana Ramirez!! She is back from Salem!  I was so happy to see her!  We set up an appointment for Friday but our day ended up super crazy so it got canceled but we will see her this week. I am so excited to start back up with Ana to see the progress she has made.

Wednesday we had Missionary Leadership Council.  It was super awesome because we had Elder Brent Nielson and Elder Scott Allen from the missionary headquarters skype in our MLC.  We talked about a broadcast that we had a couple weeks ago and then they asked us some questions that the Quorum of the Twelve are thinking of changing about missionary life.  It was super cool because they asked our opinions on some stuff.  Nothing for sure is going to change but some of the things I was like...Um they are crazy if they change that rule! But time shall tell.

We had a great lesson with Melissa Arroyo and her family. We taught them the Restoration. They had a lot of questions and really took everything in that we taught them. We invited them to be baptized on a specific date but they said that they don't feel ready yet. Today we will be teaching them the plan of salvation and helping them understand that a baptismal date is like a goal.

One of our new investigators names is Gisela.  She is awesome!  We had a lesson with her on Friday. She had a lot of questions because in between our two appointments she read the introduction and all the testimonies, super awesome!  We helped answer her questions and we invited her to say the closing prayer. She was very hesitant but once we taught her how she was willing to say it.  Her prayer was so sincere it was great.  She started to cry in the prayer and after she prayed she told us that she had never felt like that before that she felt so much peace.  It was the first time that she had ever prayed out loud.
We are still on the search for more people to teach but I am so grateful for the people the Lord has given us to teach.  We have some awesome people!

This week I got to go on exchanges with Hermana Wilde.  It was fun to be back with her.  She has progressed so much!  It was great to see.

Something I learned this week is the importance of telling Heavenly Father everything that is going on.  He already knows everything that is going on and what you are thinking but when we truly pray sincerely every day He can guide us so much more.  I invite you all to pray out loud this week and really pray sincerely.  After you pray don't just get right up and move on with your day but take a minute and listen.  I promise the Lord won't waste your time. As we really seek for answers He will reveal to us all that we need to do. Heavenly Father loves YOU!

I love you too! Have a great week!

Sister Gifford

The Sisters from MLC
You know the yummy loft house cookies that you buy at the store..we made them 😋

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