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Monday, December 14, 2015


Hi Fam!

So this is going to be pretty short because our dinner appointment just called and wants us to come ASAP so this will be short.

Things are great!  Christopher was baptized on Sunday.  It was a great service. The spirit was so strong.  I really hope his dad felt something. His dad is now the only non-member in the family. 

Chayo received the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Listen to how crazy this is!  She texted us right before church and said they were going to be a couple minutes late.  And then after the sacrament she calls us and was like I won't be able to make it…..Their tire blew up on the drive to the church!  So, a member hurried and rescued them off the highway.  They made it before sacrament meeting was over so she could receive the Holy Ghost :)

ANA!   We had a great stake musical Christmas concert on Sunday.  Ana loves music so we thought this was the best thing for her.  We had a member pick her up and she came!  It was a great concert filled with music of the Savior.  She really enjoyed it.  It was great to see her.  But bad news...she is leaving to Florida for two weeks with her family and then getting her wisdom teeth out so we won't see her for quite awhile.

Hermana Wilde left the area.  My new companion is Hermana Estudillo.  We will be serving as STL’s together.  She has been out just a transfer shorter than me.  And she is MEXICAN!!  Wooo!  I get a native companion.  I am super pumped about that. It was great serving with Hermana Wilde.  We were able to see a lot of success together.

Well I best be going!  I love you all.  I think that I won't have Pday next Monday because we have a mission conference.  But we shall see.  Thanks for all your support.



This is what you look like when you do 5 exchanges, plan a wedding and
2 baptisms in 2 weeks.

It's Ana! :)

Christopher's Baptism

Elder Holmes and Hermana T. He went home. He was in my district awhile back.

Last pic with Hermana Wilde

Saying bye to Sister Rosado :( she went home this transfer, she is the
most amazing missionary I have ever met.

We did a training in the Forest Grove zone

Whoops. I cut my hair!

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