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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Rock

Hi everyone!

Sounds like it was a party at Cascade!  I am sure you were all devastated that I wasn't there ;)

Well I don't have to much time to write today…and there is a reason why...and it goes along with the subject.  So I will just start with that.

Tuesday after our dinner we were driving out and we had to drive through this narrow alley thing.  Well a darn car started driving right at us. There was nowhere to go except for the right.  So I pulled over to the right...and there was a nice boulder there...that scratched the car up real nice :) haha!  So, we have been at the mission office getting things figured out today.  Don't worry folks the rock didn't hurt us.  Oh and also wasn't my fault..Haha!

Right after we were at the mission office we played soccer for zone pday. Well so I got a little competitive so I shot the ball...and it went in...but there was an Elder sitting on the stage that didn’t want to play.  The ball went a little high and hit him in the face and knocked his glasses off.  I think he might have started crying.  I feel really bad. This is why the handbook says don't let things get competitive.

There was a baptism in the ward yesterday and Socorro came!  It was a super spiritual baptism. Socorro seemed really happy this week. We weren't able to teach her this week because of her schedule but when we went over to see Nazario and Oscar, she seemed really happy.  It was fun to see!

Ruth and Lissandra didn't come to church this week :(   We stopped by their house again to try to help them get up.  After pounding the door about 5 times we decided they weren't going to get out of bed.  We went over later in the afternoon to invite them to the baptism.  We saw them outside as we pulled up.  We said a prayer in the car and then we got out they were gone.  They hid from us.  If I had a dollar for every time people hide from us….

When we taught Lissandra earlier in the week someone knocked on the door. It was a Jehovah witness missionary (they are everywhere) she came to see Hermana Avalos.  So how lovely is this….Hermana Avalos started studying with her.  I had a very distinct impression to give the missionary a Book of Mormon.  She declined and told us that we don't believe in Jesus Christ and some other things.  At first I wanted to argue back, obviously that isn't the answer. We testified of the Savior Jesus Christ and the power of the Book of Mormon.  We invited her to church and then calmly walked away.  I hope that one day that missionary will have an open heart to hear the message of the Restoration.

We had interviews with President Samuelian this week.  He is so awesome.  I love President and Sister Samuelian so dearly.  In my interview we talked a lot about the importance of having charity.  He talked about how important it is that I have charity for my future family.  Then he told me that he feels I will marry someone that is empathetic and compassionate.  I told Hermana Bunderson this. Her reply was," Sounds like you are going to marry a sissy!" Hahah!  I thought it was pretty funny, sounds like something I would hear from my siblings.

We weren't able to see very much success this week but I know that no effort is wasted.  I love every opportunity I get to open my mouth and testify.  I am so grateful for the Lord Jesus Christ.  I know that He lives.  I know that He suffered for every one of us. I can promise you that He wants to forgive.  As we strive to have Him in our life we can feel the greatness of the Atonement. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love always,

Hermana Gifford

My last exchange with Hermana Aubrey :( she goes home in 3 weeks. Love her so much!

Best thing about not having AC in the apartment...having AC in the car....

A member canceled for dinner. So of course we went to mcdonalds...

Just a flesh wound...

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