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Monday, July 13, 2015

Getting People to Church


Well well, I hope you are having a fabulous time at beautiful Cascade Lake. Hope someone can practice the diving off the dock for me ;)

It was a great week here in Hayesville! The best news of this week is that we had 2 investigators at church! We really worked hard to be able to see this miracle this week.

The two investigators that we had at church were Ruth (As well as her 2 children) and Lissandra. Lissandra is 10 years old.  Her mom is a less active and the only member in the family. We visit Hermana Avalos (Lissandra's mom) quite often. We recently have felt that we should focus more on Lissandra.

Tuesday night we were teaching Lissandra the gospel of Jesus Christ when Ruth came over! Ruth is their neighbor.  She sat down and listened to the lesson.  After the lesson Hermana Avalos invited her to church!  Ruth's answer was," Oh perfect, my husband will be at work so we can go!"  Her husband is very catholic. We went to teach Lissandra again on Saturday and once again Ruth came over!  We didn't get to teach a super long lesson but we invited them all once again to church.  We offered to come over at 8:30 to help them get ready, and they accepted.  

Sunday morning we went to help Lissandra first. She was still in bed...By about 8:45 we got her out of bed. Then we ran over to Ruth's house and knocked on the door.  She came to the door with the look like, "I just woke up why are you here so early..."  She said she didn't have enough time to get ready.  I had a distinct impression, "you can't let her off that easy".  So...we helped her understand how great of opportunity it is to come to church that specific Sunday since her husband works next Sunday.  And then I also told her Hermana Avalos was waiting for her so she better go get ready...haha.

They showed up late but they stayed for all 3 hours! Sacrament was focused on eternal families, Sunday School was about working hard, and Relief Society was on temples!! It was a great week to have investigators. We will be seeing Lissandra and Ruth tomorrow. Keep them in your prayers por favor.

We taught Nazario and Socorro this week about the Sabbath day. The ward mission leader was able to come to the lesson and his testimony was so helpful!  Before the lesson Nazario called us and told us Socorro told him that she wants us to stop talking about baptism so much.  Well it’s not like that stops us from fulfilling our purpose or anything.  So our lesson was focused more for Nazario.  We may be focusing on him now for awhile until Socorro lets us talk about baptism again. 

Nazario went to do baptisms for the dead the very first time this last week! He loved it. He said he had a burning in his chest the second he walked into the temple. He is planning on going in a few weeks again to baptize his dad and grandpa.

Because of transfers this last week we now have 10 missionaries in the ward.  A good chunk of our area was cut out which took away 6 potentials we were working with. But that just tells me that there are more ready investigators in a smaller area!

I love Oregon so much. I love the people here, and mostly the Hispanics :) White people here are a little cuckoo. I know that I am here Spanish speaking for a reason! I am grateful for every single day that I have here. I hope that you have a wonderful time at the lake and don't miss me too much ;)


Hermana Gifford

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