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Monday, May 11, 2015

Hello, hello!

Hello Hello!

Well this email probably will be pretty short since we were able to Skype yesterday!  It was so great to see your faces. I am grateful for every single one of you and for your love and spirit.  

It was very special to me that dad was able to bare his testimony to one our very own investigators here, Socorro! I could feel the Spirit as he testified to Socorro. And guess what? I could understand what he was saying haha :)

Happy Birthday to Tessa on Sunday!

So as I told you, we were able to spend Mother's Day dinner with President and Sister Samuelian!  We were expecting it to be about twenty or so missionaries there.  It was my companion, myself and Hermana Barrios and Hedges who are our Sister trainer leaders.  It was so special.  The Spirit is so strong as soon as you enter their home.  President made us some nice grilled chicken with his very own special sauce! (It reminded me of when dad makes his special fish stick sauce haha!)

At the dinner table we went around and talked about skyping with our families and bore our testimonies about the importance of mothers.  I shared how mom is being such a great example to all the little kids she takes care of at the hospital and how she is making a huge difference in so many people's lives! (Specifically the story when the lady wrapped her arms around mom crying)  I love you momma :)

We were also able to have interviews with President on Friday! He came to our apartments to do inspections.  Usually sister Samuelian goes with him but she was preparing for a stake conference talk.  So we did our interview outside. There was a mom and son outside playing basketball. President went right up to them and started talking and testifying to them.  It was super awesome to have a mini lesson with President!  President told Hermana Aubrey and I that our apartment was a sacred place and to always strive to have our future homes the same way, filled with spirit and love.

As President was leaving from our interview he told us to talk to everyone, no matter if they are English or Spanish speaking.  So we left our apartment and said okay we are going to talk to every single person!  It was crazy!  We had so many people to talk to! There were a group of like 15 kids outside playing and they all came running to talk to us.  None of their parents were in sight but they saw that we had pictures of Jesus.  They all asked to have one. So we hurried and wrote our name and address on them and then gave them out. Who knows if anything big will come out of it, but they were all excited to show their families their new picture of Jesus!  And it’s a bonus because they were all Hispanic :)

We also got a new investigator named Arcelia that was waiting outside for her son to get off this bus. She has gone to Utah and gone to the temple!! She is a Seventh Day Adventist and they have some interesting beliefs but we are excited to teach her!

Saturday we met Antonio!  We were going to visit a less active and Antonio was outside cleaning his car.  He works with a guy from Washington that is a member that gave him a Book of Mormon.  Antonio has been reading the Book of Mormon. He told us that he likes what he has been reading and he wants to learn more.  I am grateful for members that do simple things as giving a Book of Mormon out, it helps our work become much more successful! Antonio seems like a very sincere guy.

Well that about wraps up all the good stuff!  I love you all very much and I hope you have a great week!


Hermana Gifford

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