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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Week 3

Hi Mommy!

3 weeks down! This week went much better than last week!

I can’t believe that Andrew is home, so crazy! Thank you for sending the pictures!  Sarah is pregnant??? So crazy!!! That’s crazy you had a patient that had a seizure!

Are you getting everything ready for Thanksgiving? We get to have a special devotional next Thursday so I’m excited for that!  That’s crazy that Elder Ames is in Terry and JeNee’s ward.  Such a small world. 

Last Thursday night after Pday we were doing our study with the devotional and I got a super strong prompting to gather all the sisters together.  So I asked the Elders to leave our room for a little while, since there are only two of them haha...   I asked what sisters were struggling with and if anyone was having problems with other sisters.  Turns out most of them were!  We talked about it for probably 45 minutes and we talked about how we could become closer hermanas.  It has helped sooo much!  We have become much closer this last week.

It’s so crazy to see how many different personalities there are in this world. Afterwards, we had the Elders come in.  We were all close to one of the Elders but not so much with the other one... We talked about how we can all be nicer to each other and we have all been working on that and its great!

Saturday we had our first TRC.  TRC are volunteers that come outside of the gates to have lessons taught to them.  Sometimes they’re non-members, members or less active.  Hermana Phelps and I taught a 16 year old boy that is a member.  We taught him the first lesson acting like he wasn’t a member. He laughed at us the whole time trying to speak Spanish.  The people outside of the CCM speak much faster Spanish, but it was still a great experience!

Sunday Hermana Phelps and I taught the leadership meeting on hope and faith.  It went really well!  We had a lot of participation so that helped a lot! Alma 32:27.  After the meeting a member in the branch presidency comes in with a big princess bag!  And guess who it was for??  Me!  Debi Martin sent me a giant bag of M&M´s!  Soooo dang nice! Please make sure you thank her again for me mom!

For Relief Society and it was on Elder Eyring’s talk "continuing revelation".  It is very important that we realize when we receive revelation and thank Heavenly Father for it!  Sacrament meeting the speakers talked about the restoration and the Spirit was great.

One of the districts in our zone left this week. They are all headed to Peru. They were AMAZING examples to all of us. Sunday night we had a testimony meeting with them and all the missionaries that left bore their testimonies and it was wonderful.  We already miss them.  They would come in our classroom every night to help us with grammar and other things. We also watched a devotional from Elder Bednar it was great, always turn yourself out to others as Christ did.

Tuesday we had a devotional with Elder Pieper who used to be a mission president in Russia!  His devotional was mostly on how to help investigators. My favorite part of the devotional was that he had us think for a minute what Christ would be doing, how He would be serving, and the words He would say. And then he told us all to act how we see Christ for the next 18 months because it’s such a privilege to be a representative of Christ!

My whole district new I was having a little bit of a hard time on Tuesday so we had Family Night! We all went around and said what we loved most about our family. We only spent like 15 minutes but it was great to express how much I love all of you :)

I feel like we got the best teachers ever!  They have helped us out so much! They help teach us in a way that we’re not robots but also that we can learn so much!  Thank you for all the prayers!  I really can feel them here!  It´s been about 75 degrees everyday this last week so it’s crazy to think that its snowing!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you all!

Hermana Gifford

PS...Someone should send me a letter on Dear Elder...Even if its short..:)

​10C= best district ever!

​Mi compañera

My princess package from Sister Martin :) 

Quick funny story...I get probably three times a day that I look like a Disney princess..From Latinos and Americans haha its a hoot. Anyway this elder is from Mexico and asked if he could take a picture with me to send to his family because he thought I looked liked Elsa.

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